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Teardrop Banner (Double Side)


Normal turnaround time 5 working days






  • Car Wheel Base
  • Cross Base
  • Ground Spike
  • Square Metal Base
  • Wall Bracket (180 degree)
  • Wall Bracket (25 degree)
  • Water Bag


Flying banners are perfect for your next marketing events and outdoor promotion. It is often used in real estate site, on the street, exhibition area. The print is UV resistant and waterproof. Also, a range of bases are available to choose for each location. Ground spike is used on soft ground like grass and sand, cross base and square metal base are perfect for concrete ground use, car wheel base is designed for car dealers, and wall bracket can be attached onto the front wall of your store.

* Durable flbreglass flag pole
* Double sided printing with original image on both sides
* Carry bag included for easy transportation
* Easy to assemble
* Re-skin available

- Small Size: 2200mm High
- Medium Size: 3500mm High
- Large Size: 4560mm High

7 FAQs for Teardrop Banner (Double Side)

Q: What is your standard turnaround time for flying banner?

A: The production time for flying banner normally takes 5-6 working days since artwork approved and payment made for quantities up to 50.

Q: Does the colour on the flag will fade? How long it will last?

A: Yes, colour on the flag will faded eventually if the flag used in outdoor conditions. We are using dye sublimation printing process to achieve high quality print result. However, colour life for flying banners are highly depends on weather conditions. Normally it will start to fade in 6-12 months, but extreme weather condition might shorten the colour life.

Q: What is the colour of flag pocket? Is it different material with flag? Can it be customized print as well?

A: Black is the standard for flag pocket. Strong oxford fabric has outstanding durability. Currently the option for customized is not available.

Q: What does other side of single sided flag looks like?

A: We print on see through fabric for single sided flag. The original artwork will be printed on one side. The other side of the flag will have reversed image with less colour show through.

Q: Does double sided flags are truly double sided printing? Is that ok if we have different artwork on each side?

A: Absolutely. You can have completely different artwork on each side as they are printed on two different flags and sew together with blockout layer in the middle.

Q: What should I do to remove creases from my flag?

A: All flag will be delivered folded for easy package and transportation. You can use streamer to remove the crease quickly. Alternatively, the crease will disappear if you assemble the flag and leave for a couple of days as the fabric will absorb moisturizer from air.

Q: I have existing flag pole or base. Will your base or pole can fit my one?

A: Our base is designed to fit our flag pole regardless the size. If your existing base or pole didn't purchase from us before, we are not able to guarantee it will fit well.

Template & Artwork Specifications *

Template - Teardrop Banner Large Double Side.pdf
Template - Teardrop Banner Medium Double Side.pdf
Template - Teardrop Banner Small Double Side.pdf

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