Stickers Sydney

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A key promotion item for years stickers are retained when plain printed flyers are often discarded. Stickers find their way onto bags, car bumpers, pencil cases, bulletin boards and many other places where they are likely to get noticed.

Stickers are seen more a product than advertising. They have a certain light-hearted appeal. Stickers are held onto by people who may not be potential clients themselves, but they get displayed enough to qualify as serious exposure.

Window Stickers Sydney

There’s no better way to turn plain window space into effective, eye-catching displays, than using a window sticker. Whether advertising or just giving the place the right feel a window sticker is great for either short or long term use. There’s something about colour on glass that appeals to people. Use your window space with some stylish window stickers.

  • Retail displays
  • Food and Beverage bars
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial Premises
  • Great for advertising special events and limited time deals.

All our stickers are suitable for outdoor display, being UV and moisture resistant.