Some Ideas On Design

There are overlapping and rival theories of Aesthetic and design. There is ongoing academic research into what the human mind finds appealing and what attracts our attention. This is a matter made all the more complex by individual preference.

Some considerations when designing adverts are:

  • Raw content
  • Structure of an image or other form of ad
  • Human Appeal

Raw content would be the sensation, sight, sound, texture, that a human experiences when encountering as ad (or an artwork, or a piece of music …etc.). We need to consider the raw appeal of both products that are being advertised.

The human Appeal looks at what human beings desire. We all experience hunger, thirst, need for affection, desire for achievement, need for social connection, rivalry with other, need to solve business or personal problems, desire for progress, a sense of order. Ads must appeal to these fundamental desires if they are to find an audience.

Structure is how raw physical components fit together.

Effective adverting represent how a product appeals to a potential client. We cannot communicate the actual taste of a cake or the sensation of hang gliding, but we can represent these visually. We aim for a structured image that communicates the human appeal of a product or company.

Banner Shop Sydney

Even in this day of the World Wide Web most businesses still run a physical shopfront. And may still have physical forms of advertising. A good physical design is recommended for all visual mediums.

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