SIGN MAKING – Small Businesses

Small businesses have several ways to promote themselves these days, but the two most common are physical signs and internet marketing.

Small business can be generally divided into two categories – local businesses and niche market businesses.

Local businesses are things like newsagents, cafes and most restaurants, service stations, grocers, hairdressers, dry cleaners, and anything else that aims only to service local customers. Occasionally people will travel for a particular hairdresser or restaurant, but for the most part they operate locally.

Niche businesses have a physical location shop, but their customers are widespread. Examples are model train and hobby stores, stamp and coin collectors, comic stores, musical instrument repairs, supplies of specialised equipment, speciality bookstores, war gaming groups, rare collectable stores, and specialty music stores. Customers will travel to periodically visit these non-local stores, or order online for delivery.
Local businesses will benefit from signs and some locally addressed internet advertising.

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Niche Businesses with a physical storefront will need to show people who they are, and hence need at least a few of the signs that local businesses have. But they can also benefit from:

Niche Business Print Signs:

-pop up exhibition displays Sydney – because attending relevant conferences and trade shows is part of the business

-shopping centre display stands Sydney – because setting up store in a non-local shopping centre one a week/month generates business

-Exhibition booth displays Sydney – Again, for conferences and trade show, or shopping centre sales.

-Exhibition displays Sydney – for business related events.

-Stickers Sydney – because giving these to followers of your business will help with promotion

A printed sign and display booth help makes a small business look serious. Printed sticker and flyers are also great for promotion.

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