Fabric Tention Wall (3D Display Large)



Fabric Tention Wall (3D Display Large)


W: 4500 mm
H: 2400 mm
D: 400 mm

Price & SKU

( SKU: WA-3D-L )

(All prices exclude gst & freight charge)

Package Includes

LED Spotlights
Printed graphic Panels
Collapsible Frame

Total estimate weight

18 KG

– Files to be supplied as vector PDF, AI, EPS.- Files can be supplied at 100%, 50% or 25%.
the correct proportions are important.

– Please ensure all logos and text are within
the safe guide to prevent any cropping.

– Minimum font size – 30 pts.

– All text needs to be converted to

– Logos should be imported/placed as vector
and must be in CMYK / Pantone.

– Photographic images should be supplied at 100 dpi at finished size.

– No bleed required.

– Other information required:
Specific pantone colours*

*Tents are printed using CMYK dye
sublimation. We will make every effort to
match Pantone colours as close as

Product Description


  • W: 4500mm
  • H: 2210mm