Aluminium Snap Hanger Banner



Aluminium Snap Hanger Banner


1. 584 x 841mm
2. 841 x 1189mm
3. 1000 x 1500mm
4. 1200 x 1800mm
5. 1500 x 2000mm


(Poster Hanger with Print)

1. $35/Single side       $42/Double side
2. $54/Single side       $69/Double side
3. $71/Single side       $93/Double side
4. $93/Single side       $125/Double side
5. $124/Single side     $169/Double side

(Poster Hanger Only)

600mm:     $18
850mm:     $24
1000mm:   $26
1200mm:   $28
1500mm:   $34

Total estimate weight

10 G/per sqm

Format: PDF of High resolution JPEG

* Please setup in 1:1 scale with 150DPI
* If you request colormatch service, supply
   us high resolution PDF

Font: All the text Must be outline

Color Mode: CMYK

Poster hangers are a great way to hang your posters.

Sold as a pair, each of our poster hangers are made of quality aluminium.