Flying Banners and Signs for Businesses

Flying Banners Sydney or Signs Display Boards Sydney

Advertising is an essential part of our business world. The internet has added to and changed our approach to advertising, but some fundamentals advertising concepts like signs still remain valid.

Advertising signs are an option that have stayed around for generations, consistently proving effective. And even if they aren’t used as the main form of advertising there is still a need for a sign simply to identify a place of business.

A Sign or Display Stand Sydney

  • Shopfronts need a sign to show who and where they are. Nobody would enter an unmarked shop? They may not even recognize that it was a shop? People avoid unmarked buildings.
  • Any decent sign, is a form of advertising. And if the sign look both professional and appropriate it will encourage clientele.
  • It a sign is noticeable then potential clientele might well remember it when do need that company’s services.
  • Signs and company logos give a sense of solidarity for the staff. Staff members are both individual and a member of an interconnected group.

According to a FedEx Survey:

    • 76% of customers entered a store of business because of the sign.
    • 68% believe that the sign reflects the quality of the products
    • 67% of purchasers say they ended up buying a product because of a sign.
    • 60% claim lack of a sign deters them from entering a store.
    • 75% had told others about a business because of the sign.
    • 50% claim a poor sign is a deterrent
    • There is about a 10% increase in business for about 60% of companies who update their signs.

Large and small companies both use banners and signs. They can be a major advertising factor for small companies, along with a basic website. Large companies recognised signs as one of several important factors that helped business.

Flying Banners, Signs Display Boards Sydney

Signs provide continuous advertising for a business, rain, shine, electrical failure or internet problems aside. Signs are fairly inexpensive, long lasting and work 24 hours, 7 day a week.

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