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General Sticker              Transparent Sticker                           Stickers
                                                          Back Adhesive
                                                                                               Transparent Sticker
                                                                                                     Front Adhesive

High resolution print       38$ /sqm                     Clear adhesive       50$ /sqm         Installed inside of window
Most sticker variant           SAV-G                                            SAV-T-B
                                                       Maintain balance                                    50$ /sqm
                                                    between branding and                                                                  SAV-T-F

                                                           transparency                                               Micro Hole

Front Adhesive Vinyl                                                             Static Cling
                                                                              Clear Backing

Installed inside of window                          Non adhesive & reusable   68$ /sqm         Window advertisement  70$ /sqm
                                                     Easy adhere to window                          One way vision      SAV-O
            68$ /sqm                                                           SAV-SC-C            Provides privacy
                                                    Bubble Free Sticker                                              3M Sticker
                   Blockout Sticker

$ 60Block out window sticker                        Easy to self-install and  75$ /sqm         Premium high resolution
                                                              remove            SAV-BF
                                                                                                          120$ /sqm
                                                           Bubble free                                                                  SAV-3M

                              /sqm                                                                       Removable Sticker


                            Floor Sticker           Double Sided Sticker

Idea for shopping centres,

retail stores, offices and                          Double sided printing
                                                        window sticker
warehouses                  75$ /sqm                                          85$ /sqm                 70$ /sqm
                            SAV-FL                                                                                          SAV-REM

1300 787 718                                                                                   * All prices exclude gst & freight charge

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