Exhibition displays Sydney

Use of Social Media like Instagram have reinforced the idea that ads work well with a single effective image. If we can grab the audience attention with one glace we are off to a promising start.

One good principle here is to reduce everything to the essential details. If we have too many details the point can get lost. We want the point, the thing we are advertising, to really stand out.

An important distinction to make here is the type of essential detail. There is the essential detail that makes an object what it is, and there is the essential detail that makes an object distinct from other objects of the same type. If we draw a human face we can draw two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, something will look like almost any generic human being. Alternately, if we want to portray a particular individual we draw the aspects of their appearance that distinguish them from everybody else. This is how a caricature works.

Advertising logos should work the same way. Essential details that capture the essence of what we are promoting. A few well-placed lines and colours can make a recognizable iconic image and communicate the style and feeling that we want for the brand.

Stickers Sydney

Stickers have a novelty value, and tend to find their way into many places. You make stickers and other people distribute them for you.

Corporate Banners Sydney

A banner can hold more information than a standard sign. But if you have a company logo you probably want to include it on the banner

Exhibition displays Sydney

You are amid many competitors at an exhibition. Stand out with your own colours and logo. Consider a custom made marquee.

Pull Up Banners Sydney

The portable banners are useful in many situations. Use them in the reception office, outside the store, for a portable market in the shopping centre or take them to the annual trade show. Pull up banners are all the better with a company logo.

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