Basic Advertising Points

No rules are absolute when it comes to creative pursuits. But we do need to look at what is effective, what achieves the goals we set out to do, and occasionally look at what accidentally worked without apparent reason.

– Print ads should have a concise headline. Sometimes you can forgo a heading if the image or logo carries the message on its own.
– Images must illustrate the ad’s message. If you have to explain the meaning of the message or image then the advertisement is not doing its job. Occasionally an alluring image might draw attention for a closer look, but it still has to connect to the product.
– Be concise in everything. Occasionally you can include fine text at the base of a magazine ad, but this is not appropriate for a sign. If the sign isn’t instantaneous it isn’t getting read.
– Provide the information necessary, or at least enough to get the audience interested in more information.
– Typeface must be easy to read. Research this, it make a difference.
– Avoid hype and superficiality. Despite what teenagers claim when they think they see through advertising hype doesn’t work. An attractive model might sell cosmetics, but not toasters.
– Emphasis the benefits of what you sell. This depends on the audience, but don’t quote specs unless the product is aimed at tech savvy crowd.
– Honesty is underrated. If the prospective audience sees an ad and recognizes the solution to a problem you are doing well. Try to be on their side. Be the product that does exactly what it is expected to do.
– If you have won a legitimate prize or have a solid credential, put it on the sign in an appropriate place.

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