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Adverting Sign Advice

Advertising is there to tell potential customers about your products and services. Methods for communicating can vary with the medium, but there are some general patterns within each medium and some overall advice that applies to all advertising. Overall it is not about rule following, it is about advertising being effective.

  • Conciseness – perhaps a common feature of all advertising. People will only get a brief glance at your advertisement, usually while they are looking for something else.

Many people or different ages and cultural backgrounds will see your sign. They might see it day or night, from a moving vehicle or while partly distracted. If the sign cannot be grasped in one glance the effect is lost. Convey only what you need to get the customer’s attention. They might come in closer for more information, like a phone number, but unless you catch their attention they won’t come that far.

  • More with Less– You have to convey the essential information about the company and the line of business. But you only have limited space on the medium and a limited glance in which to grab their attention. This trick is to combine approaches. Use colour, image, space, 3D design and text to show in a moment what might take many lines of text to explain.
  • Appreciate First Focus – What first draws somebody’s attention to a sign? A good company logo would be great. Some advertisements work with a vivid or sensation provoking image, though these tend to be short term campaigns. Attracting their attention is essential, but do it with something that ties directly to your company.
  • Impressions- The external appearance of you company is important for the impression it creates on people. This includes your advertising and signs. People associate neatness with diligence and honesty. Give a good impression.
  • The appropriate Impression. A sign can look formal, light-hearted or serious, and convey the right impression of a company, or at least their aspirations. Have a sign design that instantaneously shows the type of attitude you want your company to live up to, and then fulfil the customer’s expectations.
  • Originality – The overfamiliar sights will get overlooked, quickly becoming part of the background. New and original things will stand out, but this is a challenge – there is no formula for originality.
    Start by looking at you own company, situation, intentions, and line of work. Find everything that connects to this. Base designs of what you want your company to be. This is superior to copying another companies approach. .

Pull-up Banners Sydney

The ultimate in convenience and storage, these are large enough to make an impression, and fold up to a package that can be carried under one arm. The right design on a pull-up banner makes for effective advertising.

Outdoor Banners Sydney

A simple mesh or vinyl banner can show everybody where your business is.  The cost is moderate.

Hanging Banners Sydney

Hang a banner from the roof. Great for conferences or stores in large shopping complexes. People can find you with a rectangular, circular, or pinwheel hanging banner.

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