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We were all creative to some extent when we were young. Our brains are forced to be creative whenever they have to take raw information and put it into some sort of order; our brains make sense of the surrounding world. Later we can fall into the habit of being less creative when we simply continue to use the ideas that we have already formed, or the ideas that we have learnt off others. But by definition at least some creativity is required if we are to make anything original or new.

We can help foster or retain creativity by:

-Only watch films and television deliberately and critically, not as background entertainment. Look at how everything in a film fits together, how scenes transition. Look at how plots develop. Find loopholes and faults, but also ask why the fault remained in the final product. Does the story work despite any flaws?

-Try to do something in a different way to normal, as long as it isn’t urgent of compromising safety in any way. Brush your teeth using your less dominant hand.

-Write a set amount (500 words) every morning. Don’t save anything for tomorrow, write it now.

-Try new food items, especially foreign foods. As long as you don’t have an allergy issue this is fine.

-Find a common object and think of as many alternative uses for it as possible.

-Look at an object and think of how it superficially resembles something else. Is it the same shape, or cast the same silhouette? This is useful for advertising. Think of Salvador Dali’s lobster telephone.

-Keep a visual diary, and keep note of anything that comes to mind or any interesting thing that you see.

-Keep a list of interesting quotes.

-Our unconscious is creative. Keep a note of dreams, especially when you first wake.

-Brainstorm problems – write down everything including loose associations. There will be something useful in there somewhere.

-Observe the play of children. Play with them if you can.

-Read short stories, comics and other light entertainment.

-Look at classic and modern art. The internet gives us almost anything here.

-Read anything that gives the experience of other individuals. This can be anything from online blogs to biographies. Ask why they have a different perspective.

-Find a way to sort our basic chores quickly, so you can be creative on a blank slate.

-Always bear in mind that there is a difference between the experience we have of an object and the object itself. The object itself is probably unknowable, there are just the different experiences that individuals have of the object. Why do the experiences differ so much?

Banner Shop Sydney,
It is easy to put a logo on a flying banner. If you already have a good logo this might be enough. But the right colours, an odd approach, anything that works for that particular company, can make the banner more effective.

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Anybody can order a sign on a board. But being creative with it make all the difference. Create assign that you are proud to be behind.

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