Advertising Misconceptions.


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Signs advertise a business, either to convince the public that they need you product, or to just let the already interested party know where you are. But people have many misconceptions about advertising.

Advertising is about trickery
Not really. People aren’t fooled easily, at least not for long. There are certainly charlatans in the world, and countless online scams and hoaxes. But these are not from legitimate advertisers, and certainly not from companies that want to stay in business. Dishonest practices don’t last long, and these charlatans want to get out before they are caught. Advertising is really about taking something legitimate and getting it to the potentially interested members of the public.

Ads are about Creativity.
Everything from scientific research, to video games to business decisions to writing to cooking involves some creativity. All these activities also involve measurement, research, rote learning, perseverance, and moments of inspiration. Some ads are highly creative, some are effective simply by being functional.

Digital mediums render other mediums obsolete.
There are more people watching TV than ever before, but there are also more people on line than ever before. One medium did not do away with the other. In fact, people often use more of one medium because they see it advertised on another medium. New mediums tend to be adopted with the older ones rather than replace them. Computer retailers still use signs. There will always be a sign on the company’s building.

You just need the advertisement to stick in their head, even if it is annoying.
This just backfires; people vastly prefer the pleasant or the impressive to the annoying. The annoying toothpaste commercials of the 1980s didn’t get people to brush their teeth. Catchy jingles work, but not annoying ones.

You spend a lot of money to reach so many people, most of whom aren’t interested.
This is less true than ever. Local signs target people in the local area for local businesses. Even internet algorithms are designed to target local areas. You now spend less money to reach the potentially interested buyer.

A good reputation is enough.
A good reputation is very valuable, but people have to know who you are. A reputation is in the mind of a beholder. They have to hear about you first, and you have to show them that you really are as good as they have been led to believe.

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