Advertising Effect

We cannot really see something if we are too close to it. This is a principle that applies at several levels. We literally cannot see all of a large object if we are close enough to touch it. Neither can we see an overall pattern if we are focused on the details. If we design something either by ourselves or as part of a group we can have trouble seeing that thing with a realistic perspective; it is hard to know how a person would view this thing the frist time they saw it. We may understand what something is supposed to mean because we know what we intended as we designed and built it. But will an audience, will a customer, grasp what we intended.

When we create in any visual medium we must look at how the various elements, including blank space, interact together. How details appear on their own can be different to how details interconnect into an overall pattern. In the case of advertising the overall pattern must promote the appropriate service or product.

If the visual design is to work for advertising we must find a way to gauge the audience’s reaction. It is hard to see our own work with neutral eyes. Asking the opinion of others can help us get some perspective.

Exhibition Booth Displays Sydney

There is no one principle for an effective Exhibition Display, except perhaps the meta-principle of having a display that works for the product in question. And it will have to work effectively when amongst many other displays. It might stand out in one situation and be lost in another. Unfortunately, we need to take a little trial and error into our design concepts here, and modify this year’s model in light of last year’s success.

Pop Up Exhibition Displays Sydney

Pop Up displays are convenient, and if they are custom designed they make a company look serious. If there are regular events than is pays to have a custom display. Make sure all the promotional material with the display works coherently with the Display Booth itself.

Stickers Sydney

Company stickers continue to be an effective form of promotion. Many people, especially children, find a novelty value in posting them in various locations. This effectively provides distribution for you. The only limiting factor is the size of the sticker. You will have to fit both all the company information and the right company image in a small space. Make this work for you.

Pull up Banners Sydney

Pull up banners are not especially pricy, yet they find many uses outside stores, at conventions, or in any situation where we want to direct potential clients towards our business. They are easily stored when not needed.

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