Ad Font to Your Sign

Advertising is based on the overall effectiveness of your sign or promotion. And while text is not usually the main feature of an Ad that works visually it is one ingredient in that overall effect. It pays to get your text in the right font.

With today’s computer and printing resources there is a seemingly infinite number. We are spoilt and confused by the choice.

Ad Headline

This is the best place if you decide to be creative with text design. It usually help to be easy to read, but even then an odd, indecipherable text logo might draw some attention.

Copper plate gives the look of archaic tradition. Fine for weddings or formal services.

Chunk look like newspaper headlines, which is fine for grabbing attention. Serious but not urgent or dangerous.

Lovelo has a geometric shape. A lighter, less serious look.

Archive is understated yet bold.

Mission script is cursive style that looks casual

Body text

Smaller text needs to work well with the headline style.

Helvetica is a classic choice, with a simple clean feel.

Verdana is the font of the computer age, easy to read in small size.

Leitura News is another modern font, used for editorial work

Electra for an Art deco look.

Consider the right Font style for:

  • Banners Sydney
  • Boards signs Sydney
  • Corflute signs Sydney
  • Corporate banners Sydney
  • Display stand Sydney
  • Exhibition booth displays Sydney
  • Business Cards
  • Shopping centre displays Sydney
  • Signs display boards Sydney
  • Stickers Sydney
  • Website designs


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